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Rules & Regulations of 2021 BEIKE BEIJING MARATHON



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World Athletics (WA)

Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS)


7:30 a.m. Sunday, October 31, 2021


Marathon (42.195KM)


Male Marathon

Female Marathon


1) Start: Tian'anmen Square, Beijing.

2) Finish: South Gate of Olympic Forest Park, North Central Axis Landscape Ave.

3) Race Course goes through Dongcheng District, Xicheng District, Haidian District, and Chaoyang District in Beijing.


1) The races will be conducted in accordance with the rules and regulations of WA&CAA, Label Road Races Regulations and the Race Organizer.

2) Roll-call: All general participants are suggested to wear the bib number in front of the chest correctly and arrive at Tian’anmen Square 60 mins before the race start for roll-call.

3) Race Start: All participants start at 7:30 a.m. with one shot in the sequence of elite athletes and general participants (In alphabetical order of gathering area). Wheelchair racing participants need to start at the end of all.

4) Timing:

① All participants should wear the timing chips correctly, that will start working when the runner cross the start line. All gun time and net time would be listed on the result certificate. Timing chip is to be released with bib number at Beijing Marathon EXPO 2021.

② Timing carpets are placed at the start line, each 5K, half point (21.0975KM), turning point and the finish line. Participants need to go through each timing carpet during the race with qualified race result and race ranking. Result will not be qualified for final ranking if there is any split time point missed.

5) The cut-off time will be enforced at each checkpoint due to limited duration of traffic control, security operation and event operation. The participants, who fail to pass through the checkpoint before the cut-off time, will be disqualified from the race. Those who cannot finish the race are suggested to take event vehicle or public transportation to the finish area for storage bag pick-up.

The cut-off time are based on the gun time (not on the net time):

Cut-off Point

Cut-off Time (Beijing Time)



















6) Bag Storage and Pick-up: All participants are requested to storage personal belongings by the bib number at designated area of Tian’anmen Square at 5:30-7:15. Do not take any prohibited items and liquid into the start area. Please do not put valuables in your storage bag (such as mobile phone, identification document, cash, keys, credit card, iPad, etc.). Participants should take responsibility for any losses incurred under the bag storage rules.

Bag pick-up will be available until 13:00 (GMT+8) on race day at finish areas. The organizing committee will keep the bags who can not get it on time on the race day for ten working days only, participants need to pick up bag at the organizing committee with your personal ID and bib number. Unclaimed bags will be handled by the organizing committee.

7) Water, Energy Drink and Refreshments Stations:

KM Point

Water & Sponge

Energy Drink & Water

















8) Toilets, Mist station and Environmental Protection:

① Temporary toilets are settled at start area, each 1K from 2KM to 5KM point, each 2.5K from 5KM to 40KM point and finish area.

② OC will set the mist station according to the weather condition.

③ All participants have responsibility for environmental protection and not free to urinating and discard any trash.

9) Medical Aid

① Medical aid stations will be located at the start area(each 2.5K after 5KM and the finish area) and medical service points along the course. On-site medical staff reserve the right to stop a participant from the race out of the best interest of the participant’s health and welfare. Participants should stop racing if ordered to do so by officials. Otherwise, participants are responsible for any medical expense incurred.

② AED will be provided along the race course as well.

③ Referring to the latest standards of prevention and control of the COVID-19 situation in Beijing, the Organizing Committee carry out the elimination work and equip with COVID-19 prevention supplies for the temporary construction facilities of the event.

10) Doping control is conducted under WA Competition Rules and Chinese Anti-Doping Regulations.

11) Other matters relate to the race please refer to the OFFICIAL PROGRAM.


1) Eligibility for Registration

① General Participants

All the entrants should be Beijing permanent population who is over 20 years old (born before December 31, 2001). Marathon result within 6 hours or Half-Marathon result within 3 hours since Jan. 1 2019 to Sep 23 2021. The experience of virtual marathon will not be accepted.

All the entrants should download BEIJING TONG app and register with personal information, and link personal documents.

Note: Foreign people in Beijing have to register with passport, valid visa and proof of residence in Beijing for at least six months.

② Elite athletes

The LOC will invites the best domestic professionals athletes to the race as special elite athletes.

2) COVID-19 prevention requirements

① General Participants

All the entrants should register with BEIJING HEALTH CODE, and declare the health status daily from 21 days before the race.

Stay in Beijing from October 10 (including) to 31 (including).

Provide a negative certificate of the COVID-19 nucleic acid test report which is tested by a Beijing authoritative institution within 72 hours (after 7:30, Oct. 28)before the race day, and a Vaccination Certificate which is vaccinated before Oct. 15(not including).

The participant is prohibited from participating if:

Participants and their co-residents have a travel history or residence history in medium- and high-risk areas or communities with case reports within 21 days; 

They have the travel history and contact history of the prefecture-level cities where the medium- and high-risk areas are located (municipalities directly under the Central Government, districts and counties of sub-provincial cities, the same below) or the prefecture-level cities where the new domestic cases are located within 21 days, and the risk of infection has not been ruled out; 

They have contact history with confirmed cases, suspected cases and asymptomatic infected persons within 21 days; 

They have contacted patients with fever or respiratory symptoms with epidemiological history within 21 days; 

There are clustered diseases (2 or more cases of fever and/or respiratory symptoms in small places such as homes and offices within 21 days); 

Confirmed cases, asymptomatic infected persons, close contacts, further close contacts, general contacts, etc. that are still in the follow-up visit or medical observation period; 

Co-residents are persons in direct contact with imported goods, employees at ports of entry, staff at centralized quarantine sites and other risk occupational groups.

② Elite athletes

All the elite athletes will follow the COVID-19 prevention requirements by Beijing Center for Disease Prevention and control, and will be closed-loop management until the end of the race.

3) Physical Requirement: Marathon is an athletic sport of high load and great intensity over long distances. It is also a high risk athletic sport which has high physical demands on participants. Those who wish to participant in Marathon race shall be in healthy condition, have experience in running and have completed training with distance over half-marathon. Anyone who has any of the following diseases are not recommended to participate:

Congenital heart disease and rheumatic heart disease;

Hypertension and cerebrovascular disease;

Myocarditis and other heart diseases;

Coronary artery disease and server irregular heartbeat;


Having cold symptoms two weeks prior to the race;

Other diseases that is not suitable for sports;


4) Registration method and fee

① Please log in the official website or official APP to register on line. participants should follow the requirements of Registration Notice .The place are not transferable.

② Registration Fee:50 USD/person.

③ Entrants must pay the entry fee by ALIPAY before the deadline. If the payment is not received by the due date, the application will be void.

5) Race Bag Pick-up:

① All participants are going to receive email for race number notice, please download and print the certificate for race bag picking-up.

② All participants need to go to the Beijing Marathon EXPO 2021 to pick up personal race bag. Details will be released prior to the race on the official website.



1) Ranking Awards: Top 8 male and female athletes will be awarded.











Within 2:09:00(not including 2:09:00)



Within 2:26:00(not including 2:26:00)


Over 2:09:00(including 2:09:00)


Over 2:26:00(including 2:26:00)





























Note: Awards are based on both result and rank achieved.

2) Awards of Breaking the course record

Male: run sub 2:07:06 (not include) and win the race, $20000.

Female: run sub 2:19:39 (not include) and win the race, $20000.

Note: Chinese athletes will receive the equivalent of RMB.

3) All above-mentioned awards will rank by gun time. Athletes will be disqualified if they doping test failed, however, the ranking for all will not be changed.

4) All above-mentioned awards are subject to a 20% personal income tax.

5) Top 3 male and female athletes will be given a trophy and a medal.

6) Race T-shirt, race bag, bib number, timing chip and Official Program will be provided at Beijing Marathon EXPO 2021.

7) The participants who finish before 13:45 (GMT+8) on the race day will be awarded with Post-Race Package and medals. 

8) All finishers will check results and download finish certificate on official website 24 hours later after the race. Split time, gun time, net time will be listed on the certificate. Runners will fail for ranking if any split time point missed.


Video recording are monitoring on the entire race course. Participants will be punished as disqualification from the race immediately, barred for race for 1 – 2 years, barred for life and Chinese Athletic Association may put additional punishments if participants committed any of the followings:

1) Misrepresentation on age when registration.

2) Racing with two or more than two timing chips (including one participants carrying timing chip of the other gender).

3) Racing in relay.

4) Not following the start order and start at non-designated area, false start etc.

5) Continuing racing after cut-off time or back to the course in the midway.

6) Taking any public transportation to finish race, but not running.

7) Crossing the finish line repeatedly or not completing the whole distance but crossing the finish line to get Post-Race Package, finisher T-shirt and medals.

8) Forging bib number or using unofficial bib and timing chip to participate.

9) Not following with staff order. Rioters who disturbing the race order.

10) Uncivil behaviors.

11) Hide health status and report of false registration information.

12) Other behaviors against the social security rules or COVID-19 prevention and control.

Consequences arising during the race from enrolling by misrepresentation or transferring entry to another person shall be banned of Beijing Marathon race for life. The Organizing Committee has the right to investigate the responsibility of related persons and appeal to the law.


Insurance will be provided to all participants and race relatives. Full responsibilities will be taken by participants if they fail to buy the insurance caused of incorrect information. Violators with any misrepresentation behavior are not eligible for insurance.

The relevant expenses incurred by the participants for non-competition and non-emergency medical treatments that continue to be accepted due to their physical condition are settled by the participants themselves and the hospital. And then negotiate with the insurance company to deal with in process.


Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee

Official Website:


Tel: 010-67167482/13699107993/15210037927


The Organizing Committee will make dynamic adjustments according to the COVID-19 situation, and announce related information immediately.

Further notice will be announced for unmentioned issues. Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret this rules & regulations.

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