Kids Run

Rules & Regulations of 2017 CFLD Beijing Marathon

KFC Family Run

1、Course Route and time

1)Time: 7:30am, September 17, 2017

2)Starting pointTIANCHEN West Rd. (Northwest corner of the Water Cube)

3) Finishing point: Beijing Marathon finish point (Celebration Square of Central Area of the Olympic Park)


Family Run  (Distance: approximately 2km)


Children aged between 3 – 13 years old (born between September 17, 2004 to September 17, 2014) are eligible to run. Each child should register and run the race with at least one of their parents or legal guardians (born before September 17, 1999).

4、Registration Method

1)Registration Time 10:00am August 8th - 10:00am August 22nd,2017

2)Registration Method

Prospect runners should register at the official Beijing Marathon Website. Each participating family can register up to 4 persons, maximum 2 adults are allowed to register. Runners should follow instructions that are available from the official Beijing Marathon Website and use valid ID cards or passports to register.

3)Registration Information

500 RMB Per family. Registrations are guaranteed when registration fee is paid. After the registration deadline, all runners will be provided with a unique running number and a list for collecting the running gear.

Details of when the running numbers are going to be released will be provided as soon as they are available.

4)Registration Limit: 500 families

Organizing Committee reserves the right to accept the registration request according to the situation. Registration fee is not refundable if the registration has been completed successfully.

5)Contact Information 

Official website:

5Family Run Method

1)Group allocation


    Group A

Group B

Group C


10-13 y

6-9 y

3-5 y

On event day, all participants should register according to the order of the group allocation. Start order: Group A, Group B, Group C, 10 meters between each group. Roller skating shoesskating board、bicycle and baby carriage are strictly prohibited.

2)Register, Starting time and close time

Register time: 6:20 am

Starting time: 7:30 am

Close time: 8:30 am (Those who are unable to complete the respective distance by the cutoff time shall stop racing and leave the course.)

6Race gear pick up

Organizing Committee will provide running gear to all runners, please refer to the Beijing Marathon Official Website for more details (information will be provided when available)

Race gear pick up: September 14 – 15 ( 9:30 to 17:30). September 16( 9:30 – 20:30).

Pick up Location: Beijing Marathon Expo ( China National Convention Center, Exhibit Hall 5)

7Award Method

Runners will not be ranked, however, all family members have to hold hands with each other when passing the finish line. Families that successfully completed the race will be provided a Beijing Marathon Family Run medal and a souvenir bag.

8 Insurance

The organizing committee takes out an insurance policy on each participating family member. Adults are insured automatically and juveniles shall be provided with required information which should be signed by the parents for insurance confirmation. Please download and complete ‘Insurance Notice to Juveniles ’ and send the photo of notice or the scanned version, otherwise the registration process cannot be completed.

'Insurance Notice to Juveniles ’ Download

Further notices will be announced for mentioned matters. The Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee reserves the right to interpret the regulation .


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